The undiscovered land

Molise is the last undiscovered region in Italy.
Situated in central-south east of Italy and stretches between the Apennine ridge and the Adriatic Sea. It is a small precious region where Nature, History, Art, Old Traditions and Food are the true treasures.


With an area of 4 438 km2, Molise is the smallest region in southern Italy, and the youngest.
The population, with little less than 330 thousands inhabitants, mostly living in the two main cities, is one of the lowest in Italy (it is the second-smallest) and least densely populated region of Italy
(density of 72.6 inhabitants/km2 versus Italy: 195 inhabitants/km2)


The territory is characterized by mountainous inlands surrounded by hilly coastal plain and 35km of sandy beaches along the coast of the Adriatic.
The highest peak is Mount Meta and is 2,241 mt. high.
Large parts of Molise are covered by nature reserves - so untouched is Molise that UNESCO has chosen it for two of its four Italian biosphere locations. 
Only in recent years tourism here begun to expand and small holiday resorts have appeared in the mountain centers.


Did you know..?

Authentic Experience

Visiting Molise you will feel like discovering a new regionstarting from its mainly mountainous and hilly territory, furrowed by the typical Tratturi, the historic routes of transhumance that join the pastures of Abruzzo to those of Puglia.


The millenary history and culture of this region can be discovered visiting the archaeological sites, abbeys, small towns and several castles of the territory. 
The survival of customs and traditions, of handicrafts and old jobs that have disappeared elsewhere, is a unique characteristic that makes Molise a Small Ancient World.


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