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Molise region in Italy is the last yet to be discovered.

With its unspoiled landscapes, charming medieval villages, the forests and national reserve such as MAB Montedimezzo, Collemeluccio and Matese offering great natural trails for all levels. Molise enjoys 4 season climent which create infinity joy and sense of exploration all year round!

The trekking program is made according to our guests wishes and fitness. we propose trekking in a variety of magic mountains trails, lakes and forests.

The Trekking trails are suite to everybody, children, adults and professional trekkers.
montedimezzo MAB Reserve
Take a breath of this nature..
Quirino canyon in Guardiaregia

Contact us for a program of  multi days trekking following the ancient shepherds roads.

Difficulty level: easy - extreme

Duration: 1-8 hours

starts from 15 euro

Price Includes:

 Expert professional guide

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